Saturday, 2 August 2014

Current Status : A little on the reflective side

I've blogged so far on the launch event, webinars and my first mentor meeting, however between meetings you might be wondering what goes on...I've been thinking about the experience so far and also wanted to show YOU why you should sign up for the next cohort of mentees (or mentors!).

After our first meeting, Alexandra took a look at my CV. She pointed out that working together on it would help improve it and make it a strong accompaniment to any applications I might submit. We have arranged our next meeting to make these changes and email at least once a week, to catch up and answer any questions.

This programme really has changed my life...from going to London and navigating it by myself, to being able to actually speak to real people (as oppose to a virtual world, where I am much more comfortable) real inspiring people who made me think wow...I can go and do anything, to getting up the courage to network and push myself to seize every opportunity possible. Its very easy when an opportunity presents itself, to toss it aside and think "I'll do it later", by which time you have completely talked yourself out of it and pushed it to the back of your mind. However, when people have confidence and believe in you, you want to make them proud and show them what you have learnt. This programme has made me do that, to look for ways to prove to both my mentor and the Stemettes that they have made a huge difference to my confidence and helped me gain new skills.

Having a mentor means having someone there to guide you, not that they lead the way or show you where to go, but who can advise and connect you. Someone you can bounce ideas and proposals off, who can introduce you to lots of people that can help you out in your quest to become the best you can be is one of the most important people you will ever have in your life.
The Student to Stemette experience has shown me that already...I haven't only gained one mentor but many who I tweet or email for guidence and tips on different projects. Reaching out to people on your own sounds scary, but with the support of someone who believes in what you do, it becomes enjoyable as you actively ask what people do and look for ways not only that they can help you, but you can help them.

So...if you're lacking a STEM career direction, confidence in your ability, the resources to help on your career journey, sign up for the next STS cohort...I promise you, its something you will never regret.

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